Stuffed Lobster Tail

Festival chef matt winters show us how to make lobster
the holiday season. >> welcome back. back in the kitchen with chef matt winters, the executive chef of the mark and fort festival foods. we’re talking ought things seafood. ‘tiz the season to splurge a little bit, if you can. you brought in amazing seafood, wonderful stuff. >> it’s impressive. >> crab legs, jumbo prawns, and we’re talking lobster. maybe you do lobster for christmas or new year’s eve. check out these lobster tails. given everybody a lesson on lobster, 101. you have 2 different types that you carry? >> 2 different species. we have the cold water main tail, and warm water australian tail. >> which one to go for? >> the australian has a little bit of a sweeter flavor to the tail meat. the main is nice and rich and meaty. i like to enhance that, use it as a stuffing or put the compound butters or things like that. >> these are huge and beautiful. if you’re just a traditionali



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