Stuffed Fillet With Mushroom Sauce

We’re cooking stuffed fillet of beef with mushroom sauce in the kitchen with Twin Oaks.
thanks, court. let’s head over to the kitchen right now. patrick little is with the boyshe from twin oak. >> we continue our best of rhode island week long celebration. twin oaks, it’s like in sports terms, like, they’ve won so many times, they have had their name retired, it’s like having a uniform retired. all of fame perennialal winner, r,not enough room in the trophy case with so many awards. >> let someone else have a chance. >> what are we cooking. >> today we have a stuayffed fillet of beef and pf lum tomatoeslu salad with vegetables to goes along with it. i >> let’s take a look at the ingredients. >> thi s is the tenderloi tn. n.we hav e a pepper ham, swiss cheese we’re going to stuff it with, we’re goingwe to flour,lo egg, bread crumb, and then we haveav to pan sear it in some oil,, and over here, some plum tomatoes, fresh mozzarella, chopped basil, balsamicam vinaigrette, place



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