Stuffed Fillet Of Turkey Breast

We’re cooking Stuffed Fillet of Turkey Breast & Cranberry Chutney with Cowesett Inn .
we’ll head into the kitchen. what is on the menu today? >> we have turkey and a wholeho bunch of stuff and we have nd stuffing and all the kinds ofll stuff. from the cowesett inn.nn you’re cooking some turkeyur here, it’s going to be one of thene big giant turkey orgi a smaller turkey? >> forr the today’s show, i’m going to do a fillett turkey breast, we’re going to stuff with portabella p mushroom. >> and i see cranberry. >> that’s for the chutney. tn i’ll make choppedll up yellowel openples, trailple second, garlic, season it up a u little. >> you like the triple sec. >> it definitely brings nithe flavor out. >> what do we have here? >> that’s the complete, what ite,t will lookll like. >> now the turkey itself, how many pounds?ou >> about 6 1/2 pounds. >> and it’s all whole white breast. >> how long is it going to cook?co >> it takes about an hour and a half. >> and preparation time? >



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