Stop Throwing Money Away On Coffee

The price of coffee is up nearly 50 percent this year, but Americans are still buying. We’ve spent more $3 billion on ground coffee and beans in the last 12 months.
baggage fees. >>> the price of coffee is up 50% this year but americans are still buying it. we spent more than $3 billion on ground coffee and bean in the last 12 months. jackie calloway shows you which make the best brew for your money. >> reporter: for many of us, grabbing a cup of coffee on the go is part of the daily routine but that can add up. in this latest test, consumer reports rounded up more than 50 coffee makers to series which can give you a delicious cup of coffee at home. it cost from $20 to $265. >> even the most expensive coffee maker is going to save you money instead of buying every day. >> reporter: first testers looked at brew performance. >> you want the coffee maker to get the water hot enough so that it’s going to extract the most flavor from your coffee. >> reporter: all the coffee makers rated at least “good” but that may not cut it for some. >> good brewing pe



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