Stone House Tuna Crudo

We’re cooking up Stone House Tuna Crudo at RI Kitchen & Bath with Stone House Executive Chef Paul Wade.
to kitchen and bath. >> we are here. their beautiful demonstration. paul is the executive chef, the t brand newly remodeled stone house. >> that’s correct. it’s fantastic. great to see you again. >> i’m liking the one glove. >> my michael jackson thing. >> what are we making today? >> we’re making a stone house tuna, blending the idea of italian cooking with the technique of japanese cooking. >> really? that’s really creative. >> we’re doing cruto, looking it like sushi s rice. wewe have garnished it with lemon olive oil, fresh main sea salts. i’m going to garnish it with pickled shallots. >> it is gives it a yellowish newen look. >> yeah, that beautiful goldenld tone, exactly. >> you told meou aboutut resoato rice? >> that’s correct. >> this is where italy and japan come together. >> that’s right. so what i did, i took some risotto, and i put it in a rice cooker and cooked it just like



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