Stomping On Grapes For Charity

Newschannel 21’s Joe Burns went to film people as they stomped on grapes for charity.
episode of i love lucy where she stomped grapes? or have you ever wanted to stomp on grapes? well wine drinkers were invited to do just that. the maragas winery in culver held their first annual grape stomp. people stomped and stomped on grapes. it was all in an effort to help support the partnership to end povey, a charity. a portion of the wine made from those stomped grapes were donated to that charity. the process of stomping is the first step in making wine. ### “we brought it and split into two picking bins and as you can see earlier, folks jump in and they stomp the whole cluster of grapes and by the time they are done, they are ready to foment. maragas says the expression on people’s faces when they step into the bins is priceless. the grape stomp runs until 8 tonight. the wine from those stomped grapes by the way will be called central oregon tootsie. ### if you’re looking



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