Stocking The Indy Style Pantry

David Burchman from Artisano’s Oils and Spices helps stock the Indy Style kitchen with spices, oils and salts.
>> welcome back to “indy style.” we’re in our kitchen right now with david bercham. thank you for joining us this morning. >> thank you. >> what you’re here to do is something very important. it’s to stock our kitchen with spices. we were just talking during the break that really, the spices you have in the kitchen are as important as, say, the oven or stove. they are necessities. you need those to cook well. >> that’s where the magic begins is starting with your spices and your oils and the preparation of putting that in the oven. it’s important to have that good oven but you also need to prep it. prep your food before it goes in. >> what have you brought with you today? it looks like 15 spices here. >> we brought 15 basic spices that we feel is important to have in any pantry just starting out. everybody has their own way of cooking so i always recommend to tweak it as you need it or w



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