Stir Fry

An easy dinner~!
. >> my goodness, that looks so good. cindy from cafe trang is here. i love this idea that we can learn how to make something at home that you guys make at your fabulous restaurant. what are we making right now. >> we will make vegetables, looking for something healthy for the holiday, this is your dish. >> you can have it as a side dish or entire meal. >> so i’m goingo move over so you can get started. tell me what you’ve done so far. >> quite simple. start out with boiling the vegetables. you can boil as long as you want. really want it soft or a little bit crunchy. >> what do you prefer at the restaurant? >> not too soft, moderate. >> and so it’s quite simple. you start out with adding vegetables to your pans. >> is that hot? i can get something to help out with that? >> yeah,. >> okay, here we go. . >> thank you. what kind of oil. >> vegetable oil. >> there you go. that way you won’t



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