Steve’s Stuffies

We’re making ‘Steve’s Stuffies’ with Steve Pickman in The Rhode Show kitchen.
>> courtney, thank you so much. h. let’s go into the kitchen now where vince isnc getting ready to stuff some uf stuffies. >> hang 10, i’m withsteve pickman, how are you? if you haven’t figured out, i’m a roll today. watch out baby, anything can an happen here today. we are making stuffies. >> yes, sir. >> tell me a little bit about it. >> we have of the quahogs here and we’re going to cook the quahogsog in delnicious sam adams, acongress withes delicious chorico, and then we’re going toto make stuffing out of sauteedte onions, and pure reed clam chorico. >> butter or anything involved?? >> a little bit of butter to sautee the onionsuton in, but mostly it’s just the broth thatst b gives you haveu that good moist. >> whams theha hardest thing to h do d here? he >> not eat too many of them. >> i mean, as far as preparingreng them, the quahogs areah easy, justas put them in boiled water.er



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