Stephanie Ashcraft, NYT Best-Selling Author

Nothing will bring a group of people together better than delicious food and a close ballgame. With March Madness just around the corner, it is the perfect time to begin thinking about fast and filling game-day options for hungry fans. Stephanie Ashcraft, NYT Best-Selling Author, creates crowd pleasing recipes on a budget and in a flash using Casa Di Bertacchi Meatballs and Byron’s BBQ, both available at local Sam’s Club stores.
>>> welcome back to “the morning blend.” if you are hosting a march madness party this weekend you’re going to want a menu to keep fans who are hungry satisfied. a cookbook author stephanie ashcraft has great recipes for meatballs and barbecue. hi, stephanie. >> hi, molly. thank you forhaving me. >> thanks for being on the show. i hear you have good tips for us because a lot of people are expecting huge crowds coming over to watch the games but they still want to be able to enjoy the game and feed people at the same time. how do you plan to feed so many people? >> well, the one tip that i want to give to start with is to use the website clubentertaining.com. on there there is a calculator. if you know how many people y have coming to your party you can actually type in the number and it will let you know exactly w much you need in ingredients for these recipes we have right here. and all



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