Stella Blues- Jambalaya

Stella Blues- Jambalaya
jambalaya. >> jambalaya. >> think of new orleansea but here live oil. >> a little olive sroeul in the pan. >>>> and srry. >> sherry. >> what i said earlier was yo more sherry or shrimp. >> i usually throw for everybody here i won’t go overboard. i just use about a quarter of an ounce if you go by weight. >> sure.sh red pepper. >> do you likeke it spicy, do you make it spicy? >> i leave l it up to theusto customer. >> okay. cook to taste. >> yes. >> if y’s my own. >> okay. >> one thing i want to at sk.. people some callal it gravy. some peopleme cause it it. >> i would love .e to. >> i will get a spoon. >> okay. >> keep c cooking. >> a tomato base. like marinara old fashionas way on the grill, use a burner. >> huh-uh. >> roasted red pepperpe. thefth what after this. >> the nice, i like it. >> then the scallops. >> the scallops. >> the clams and muscles as well here. >> you’re not saughing



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