Steep & Brew

One of The Morning Blend’s favorite things to do on the show, is get out of the studio and deliver fresh Steep & Brew coffee to people in the community who say “they need it” This month’s deserving group are the workers at Social Development Commission.
>>> welcome to the show. one thing that gets us going in the morning especially monday morning is steep & brew. once a month we have the fortunate pleasure of sharing steep & brew with someone in our community as you know the wisconsin humane society is regular guests on our show. last week tails were turned and we got to stop by for a break. i got to see firsthand all the great work they do to improve the life of animals new adoption and proper animal care. >> i couldn’t help but adopt our dog henry. they brought him to “the morning blend” and we went out and adopted him and we were in that room you are there. and humane society works tirelessly to give thunderstorms 10,000 animals here in wisconsin. that’s actually 30 animals on day on average that find a happy home. >> happy home is right. they match them to owners and provide behavior classes and microchip and spay and annual



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