Steak With Burnt Carrots Recipe

Steak with Burnt Carrots recipe
way. >> hi. we’re in the backyard of a dear friend of mine, peter kaminsky, co-author of this wonderful book seven fires. we always have a fire on the side to make some coals, which is very important. then we have he what we call a chappa, which is a grid will. we have two recipes, one of carrots with thyme, g oat cheese and arugula. i have my carrots and i’m going to put olive oil on them, some sea salt, very important. some pepper. wees tohat with our hands. just like that. i’m going to go to the grid will. that’s where i’m going to place my carrots so they slightly burn and i’m going to add a little bit of thyme to them. you can place yourself on a farm in around tina. that’s where we raise our cattle and have incredible beef. we get a nice piece of steak like this. put some salt on it on one side, and some bay. a tiny bit of olive oil. i want those bay leaves to stick there. i i’m go



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