Steak Sandwich

Steak sandwich
co-founder of morton’s claus has cooked a lot of meals for a lot of happy customers. in fact frank sinatra was one of the restaurant’s first regulars. >> there we go. >> now he’s bringing his expertise to the home kitchen with a new cookbook. >> a lot of people asked for more. some of the recipes from morton’s, some from myself over the years. >> we met up with him to make a delicious summer treat. this is an amazing triple decker steak sandwich. >> first thing we do, a nice little sirloin stake, prime, aged. our own morton seasoning salt. you can use any one you have at home. whatever you like. put it in a hot pan. >> saute in a pan thre to series of 204 minutes per side depending on the thickness of the meat. >> getting nice and brown. we shoot for medium rare. i hope you’re hungry. >> one thing you’ll notice, no bread. >> tomato, onion, meat. tomato, onion, and you have to hold it a l



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