State Beef Contest

Making beef industry promotion a full time occupation. Megan Presser is the 2010-2011 North Dakota beef ambassador. Throughout the year Presser will educate consumers and youth about beef nutrition and food safety. Presser will travel the state making classroom and media visits promoting the good work our ranchers do. Presser says she is excited about the new job and can’t wait to start completing her duties. (Megan Presser / 2010-2011 ND Beef Ambassador)”I am personally excited because I have grown up with beef all my life, so for me this is something new. It’s something that I enjoy doing. I enjoy speaking, I enjoy students. It’s just a new experience for me. I think that my knowledge can be passed on and by me doing this, I am hoping to get younger students to participate and to take the steps to do this next year.” (Calli Throne / Judge)”I think it is really important to have somebody in that younger age group because it is not only a way to get out and talk to the public more about the beef industry, but it’s also a good way for them to show that they can make a difference, teaching others about beef and agriculture and they also learn alot along the way well they are out doing it themselves.” Presser is from Turtle Lake. She will compete at the national beef ambassador competition held in Rapid City this October.



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