St. Patrick’s Day – What To Do

Beth Clayton, editor of “The Dish” talks about where to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day this year in Indianapolis
they did it just right. a lot of times you don’t feel like cooking no matter what your kitchen setup is. beth is here, monthly ideas for dining and you’ll be a frequent contributor, correct? >> i am. >> that’s necessary. the restaurant scene is never stagnant in indianapolis. >> not at all. changes constantly. >> what do you see? are there other constant trends? do we sometimes see ruts? what’s taking place in the eating out scene in the indianapolis area? >> we’re coming out of a rut which is great. last year and a half or so, there were very few openings, a lot of great places closed so there wasn’t a lot of movement on the scenes. not a lot of buying and selling. now within just the last couple of months we’ve had exciting places open up. greg has open his new spot. recess is open. we’re seeing long time restauranteurs expanding, opening new places that play off of what they already h



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