St. Andrew’s Italian Festival

The annual festival is June 24th-27th at the St. Andrew Club Grounds on Chapel Street in Wooster Square.
>> whether you’re a proud italian american, married to one or just love great italian food and music, mark your calendars for the st. andrews italians festival, it’s comfeing up in june. joing us right now to httell us all about it l is cochair person misson theresa t argento and chris, welcome back to the both of you. >> thank>> you. >> we’re going to chec g in with wimiss theresa, but tell ourou viewers what viyou’ve startedta doing. >> today we’re going to be making fried calzones. so i have one cooking, and i’m going to start working on the filling. lland i will fill you in on all the details. >> miss theresa, i want to talk kto you about the tradition, because that is such a strong tradition for you.fo you taed about the importance of it. tell us about it. >> the nicest part of this whole festival is the — that we are continuing what our grandparents and our great grandparents star



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