Squash Linguine With Scallops

Summer squash linguine with scallops in a white wine sauce.
>> this is so cool. our next guest combined her passion for fn ood and teaching to create engagin eg classes for her students. chef sherry swanson is a personal chef and culinary instructor who is classically trained in french and italian cook, techniques in colorado, italy and france, she specializes in farm to table menus with fresh, local ingredients. sherry, welcome to the show. >> i’m so excited to start cooking today. >> talk about menus to tables and all the stuff do you. >> i love to teach people how to eat local and seasonally. it is healthier, better for us, better for our environment and the food is delicious. and you don’t need u tot get really elaborate with it, you can cook simply, as long, as you use great products. >> and keep iti local,o local farmers, connecticut grown type of stuff. >> exactly. >> are we going to cook today? >> i’m ready. >> i know everyone loves pasta



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