Squash Blossoms With Crab From Leon’s

In the kitchen with Leon’s Restaurant.
here. >> >> thank you for having us. >> he gave us a choice. either i can clean the soft shell crab or i can skewer a pineapple. >> going for the pineapple. >> going for the pineapple. >> we should mention the dish is very fresh, the striped bass over here, you caught that this morning. >> branford point, at about 2:30 this morning, we caught that striped bass. the rest of the fish came from the hunts point market in new york. red snapper from florida. bronzini, mediterranean sea bass. >> calimari, mackerel. >> this is what you want me to do? >> i have one that is already started. >> somebody help me. >> i have one started. >> okay. a beer battered shot shelled crab. >> okay. we get that going. as i finish showing you how to clean it. >> i feel bad for this crab. >> you are going to take the fresh soft shell crabs. they are a maryland blue crab basically, about a four day window of oport



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