Springtime Cookie Bouquets

Springtime Cookie Bouquets
and daughter cooking instructors, betty ann donegan and stephanie dietz. welcome ladies. these cokies look good enough to eat. well, they are. cookie bouquet. >> this is what you do, teach classes. >> teach classes and like to work with the kids. little equipment required with this. >> something that moms can do at home with their kids. >> not an expensive thing to get started with. easy recipe and they taste good. >> cookie cutters. >> a variety. >> simple recipe, butter recipe. it has eggs in it. when you are trying to dye dough, if it isn’t white to start out with, you get funky colors. >> when butter is the bases — >> rom temperature butter. press your finger into it and you want to have some resistance. if it doesn’t go in at all, it is too cold. the dough won’t be workable. i beat it with sugar and eggs. put in the flour. do this slowly. the dough is quick, it doesn’t have to be c



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