Spring Veggie Soup Recipe

U of I student chef shares his soup recipe from his upcoming Spice Box dinner.
>>mat ingredients to a stirfry. we are going to change it up and make a french inspired sue. joining us today in the cikitchen is u of i student chef – -. you’ve got a spice box meal coming up. tell us about it. >> spice box is the senior project for hospitality management majors. it’s hospitality management in – -. we have a restaurant called spice box. every senior has to run this restaurant for one night for their project. >> it’s from what you see from when you come in the door to lot of pressure.nu. >> if you like that major, spice box is really good practice. it’s awesome. >> because of what you are doing in the industry. good point. this is a french inspired soup. >> my theme is sundays in paris. when you think about fine dining, the first thing that pops in your head is french. people love soup. >> let’s go through the ingredients. what the name of the soup? >> it’s called – -. i



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