Spring Roll Recipe

spring roll recipe from Jason
>> welcome back, everyone, i’m so excited to be hanging out with jason from the newsroom. we’re here in the kitchen. >> i got to move over to your side of things. >> how does it feel. >> i feels a little weird, i’m not going to lie to you, but we’re cooking toll. >> this is weird for me to be in the kitchen because i’m not a very good cook. >> we’re going to make spring roll, i thought something easy, these are things i grew up with. so i kind of take them to heart. >> i love it. >> so easiest thing to do, we’re going to make chicken spring rollings. here is what i want to do. >> is that a– a rotisserie chicken. if you are a guy like me you will go out, spend your five to ten bucks and get a piece of chicken. most of the time. >> you will man handle it. >> so like when you wake up the next day your chicken probably looks a little something these lines and we’ll move those over here. >>



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