Spring Risotto

spring risotto
welcome back everybody this is the first day of spring. than with good food?celebrate – i’m always a fan. we have shut leslie joining us from departments. >> early what i did was i flashed my asparagus and i stirfried my snap needs and my snap peas. this is spring risotto. >>. >> emily: bless brian’s heart, he had a little mishap. >> it is okay. baby steps. >> emily: it’s okay. we will take it from here. hopefully we will have better luck. >> i have taken and a half of an onion and a little bit of olive oil and i sautced that. then i added a little bit of arborio rice. it is medium grain rice. specifically for risotto. want to make sure that you use that because when you stir a really long time like 30 minutes, this creaminess comes out. the starch will come out of the grain of rice. 230 minutes. doing this for? >> yes. i want to trust all of the rice kernels with the oil. there will i w



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