Spring Pea Pasta Salad

Spring Pea Pasta Salad
medical minute. >>> welcome back. we are celebrating the first day of spring with our mealtime mentors from festival foods >> brittany: a pasta salad like none you’ve ever had with spinach, peas, mint, along with other ingredients. >> welcome to our kitchen. today we are whipping up the springtime salad. >> spring p pasta salad with lemon and mint. a lot of fresh flavors. we have boiled some pasta according to package directions.today we are using a curly or noodle. we chose it on purpose because it grabs onto the dressing we are going to use. make sure you pick a pasta that has ridges or curls that will really grab onto the dressing. we are using brown rice pasta found in our natural department. also gluten-free. it can really hold up its texture in these types of salads. >> if you don’t have to eat gluten, we recommend a whole grain pasta. next, the peas. these are frozen peas we just



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