Spring Pasta

Spring pasta
self-proclaimed hot chocolate lovers no matter what time of year it is. rhiannon is with the twice baked twins, spring meals. >> no more hot chocolate, chowders, we are done with that. it is time for spring. a wonderful spring time dish. what are we making? >> spring time pasta, ricotta and peas. >> you have to cook the pasta up. >> we have it prepared. we will begin — >> what kind of noodles did you use? >> percatelli, a thicker spaghetti. >> sauce. >> what’s next? >> olive oil. >> okay. four turns. >> four turns. there we go. >> can’t ruin it. >> right. >> wrong. just wait and see. >> and then we added a cup of shallots, a cup of peas and grated cheese. >> season it with salt and pepper. which we call swepper. >> next. >> fresh parsley. >> a little bit. stir it up. >> no cheese. >> no, not yet. >> stir it all up. this is an easy dish. i like easy dishes. we will let it cook for a coup



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