Spring Food Trends

Spring food trends
project, but i’m guesing they probably wil. >>> there are so many beautiful, tasteful, and flavorful trends this spring, but we’re not talking about clothes or accessories. we’re talking about food. katie brown is here to show us how we can enjoy some of these fantastic treats all while sticking to a healthy d diet, if you can believe that. >> it’s true. when people think of trends, they think of fashion. am i wearing a short skirt, long skirt? what colors are in? that same way of thinking, trendy foods, you can bring into your kitchen. >> who knew? >> especially in the springtime when you’re trying to figure out ways to kind of freshen up your routine, it can get boring in the kitchen, to, so bring some of these good spring trends into your home. i say take a walk down your produce aisle. these days, when you walk down the produce aisle, there are so many great choices, exotic looking f



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