Spotlight – Diageo

Live! From NYSE Trading Floor: Interview with Diageo North America CEO Ivan Menezes (Bloomberg News)
it is st. patrick’s day, of course. many of you are heading out to the pubs right now. perhaps not as many of you has before. beer shipments have fallen off of a cliff. cris valerio is standing by with the north american ceo of a [inaudible] >> beer shipments are down 2%. imports are down 13%. this is a rough environment. how long will this continue for your industry? >> the external environment is challenging for the consumer but the alcohol industry is still in growth. overall, the beer, spirits and wine are growing. it is hard to predict the consumer come back will take but what i can say is that the shifts that are happening, people want well-trusted brands. people are at home and have stayed away from bars and restaurants. there is global diversity. >> let’s talk about your company specifically. you recently cut your forecast back. you have halted stock buybacks. you have had some a



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