Spotlight: Constellation Brands

3Q Earnings – Interview with CEO Robert Sands
shares of consolation fell 8% today. — constellation fell 8%. joing us for a closer look at what the company is doing to stem the sales decline is the president and ceo. thank you for joing us. many people think that in a recession, no one will stop reaching for the bottle. >> the recession has not had a tremendous effect on the alcohol industry. we see wind continuing to grow at about the same rate. — we see wine continuing to grow. people are switching from drinking on premise, restaurants, bars, clubs, to drinking off premise because they can continue to enjoy beverage alcohol product but at a lower cost. >> it do you see people going for the two buck chuck? the consider lowering prices? — to do you codo you consider lowering prices? >> we see a mixed shift towards more premium products. anecdotally, you see some people trading down from the most expensive wines to less expensive b



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