Spotlight – Ben & Jerry’s

Getting the Scoop on Ben & Jerry’s – Interview with CEO Walt Freese (Bloomberg News)
couple of analysts’ reports on blue-chip. ben & jerry’s is renowned for flavor names like cherry garcia, a match and world peace, or caramel sutra. recently in celebration of the legalization of gay marriage in vermont, they remained chubby to hubby hubby. joing us now in studio is the ben & jerry’s ceo. ben and jerry were hippies when they founded the company. since 2000, the company has been owned by unilever. how has that takeover affected your company sense of responsibility positively and negatively? > one of the nice things as the company is a socially and environmentally progressive company. it is one of the few multinationals that is approved for investment by the calvert fund, so if you were going to be a small entrepreneurial value business and be acquired by a multinational, this is the multinational you wanted to be acquired by. we were also given a fair degree of aut



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