Spoiled Food

Expiration dates on food not required by law
look for is the expiration date. so what happens whenen you find items that have expired? what 2news problem solver pete knuts on found out, may surprise you. (pete standup) dianna called to tell us she’s one ofon those shoppers who’s careful to take a close look at tokhe labels on all the food she buys for her mily. fsc she says, “i arch labels to find the ingredients and the expiration date. but i apparently wasn’t careful enough during one shopping trip. when i got home, i found out i had purchased some expired items. when i i went back to the store, i found several more itemsra that had expired. is it legal for those items to be on the shelf?” (pete standup) when we called the health department about those expired food items, we found out some interesting information. those items don’t break any rules. fsc inspectorles tell me expiration dates are put on items by the manufacturer for



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