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>>> summertime is hoor has means more tuns to celebrate in company of family and friends. >> from barbecues to picnic and pool parties, the season home to our favorite all american food staples like apple pie, cole slaw, corn on on the kobe and more. joining me today chef and entertaining expert katie brown has information you need to spice up those recipe and throw a great summertime party. thanks for being here katie. >>> oh, thanks so much for having me. it true. that time of year where you think backyard, you think barbecue. you think potato salad, cole slaw. corn on the cob. i think everybody like apple pie. >> everybody loves it. i’m a mother of two small baby girls. i did always trying to think of ways to make traditional favorites like this a little bit healthier. so what i’ve done with this apple pie is i’ve started with premade pie crust. i’ve peeled and cored the apples. i’ve



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