Spirit Of Springfield

spirit of springfield
biggest booster for two decades, and tonight they marked a milestone. “spirt of springfield” hosted its own 20th birthday party tonight at the springfield sheraton. s-o-s is responsible for such fun events as the world’s largest pancake breakfast, the parade of teh big balloons, and a holiday extravaganza that turned out to be bigger than anyone expected… entertaining almost 4 million people. “bright Ășnights turned out to be so enormous that we never thought we’d have to have all those police. our budget went from 25 thousand to 168 thousand dollars in one season of bright nights in the cost of security alone.” matt told 22news spirit of springfield is privately funded, and are responsible for raising their own funding. apple may be dialing up an iphone that uses carriers “other” than a-t- and t.



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