Spirit Girls’ Night Out

Leslie Greimann tells us about the exciting fun with just the girls!
a cause. >> and it is good to see you. >> thank you. >> this is an evening in paris — “pairey” as mike would say. >> pairey. this is an annual girls’ night out that is held through a national organization called spirit of women and methodist is a national collaboration between health care providers and hospitals between the region that have joined together to raise awareness for health topics for women and they take those messages to their family. >> it is at the suites in lavista and they have beautiful food. they have beautiful desserts which makes you think you are walking through the streets of paris and a bakery and lots of great food. then we have the whole ballroom transformed into paris we have ficus tree was lights and park benches and this year we have some jazz stylings from a ensemble with faculty and students on there so it is going to be a lot of good music around there. a



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