Spinach Salad And Mussels Zuppa

We’re cooking Spinach salad and Mussels Zuppa with Edgewood Cafe in The Rhode Show Kitchen.
of a lifetime. vince, over to you. >> we have good stuffved f herehe. we have john walsh here from the edgewood cafe. >> give us the address. >> 1864 broad street in cranston. >> wet a wholele calendar filled il up with stuff, so tell us what we’re making. m >> i’m making two things today. we have spinach salad and a roastedd shallot and gorgonzola and walnut salad and a musselus zuppa. >> so theth salad would be our first dish. . >> that’s righ t. s >> and the mussels would be tlshe second, would besed our entree. e.tell us about a the mud sells, what goes into the mussels.se >> in the mussels, it’s pretty simple. olive oil, garlic, some fresh herbs, shallots, a little red pepper flake, whitepp wine, and tomato sauce. >> tell us about some ofute the ingredients we have overie here h that we’re goi ng to be using. >>>> well, like i justus said, wed, have theha red pepperre flakes, some e



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