Spinach Ravioli

Chef John from Saucy Swan makes Spinach Ravioli!
mike price and ledge ener a chef from saucey swan. i’m excited. they have been spelling up the studio. we’re learning how to make homemade. >> homemade ravioli. we make them at saucey swan. we make different kinds all the time, lately i’ve been making spinach i haven’t made them in awhile one of my favorite. spinach and the dough, spinach in the filling as well as we use three other cheeses in the filling as well as spinach. it’s a fairly simple process, we have the dough made. >> how long does that take to make the dough? >> well, i have a mixer. as long as you have a mixer probably about five minutes. but you want the dough to rest a little bit before you use it. this way all the ingredients come together and you get a nice firm dough out of it. >> can you make the dough ahead of time. maybe the day before? >> absolutely. in fact i made this dough yesterday. if i have some leftf i don’



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