Spike Mendelsohn

Celebrity Chef
watch it on line. you can see one of the celebrities right here in our studio. >> i know exactly why i am put in the kitchen. it is entertainment value. i accepted that a long time ago. >> i am going to use that. >> feel free to steal that. >> of course you recognize our guest. some are using celebrity status to raise awareness of things they believe in. michael mendelson is here today. we are excited that you up stopped by in the event you are born to be a part of. >> i am so excited to be here and part of this event. i am teaming up with a dear friend of mine, marion banks, to raise some funds for the local food bank. > what are you want to make? >> we’re going to be doing some demos. i will demo one of my favorite workers. it is a delicious burger. — i will demo one of my favorite verse. it is apple smoked bacon, cheddar cheese, and in ranks, and top it off with chipotle barbecue sau



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