Spicy Tuna Nime Chow With Edamame Salad

We’re cooking Spicy Tuna Nime Chow With Edamame Salad in the kitchen with Kate Turner from DeWolf Tavern.
day on wednesday. we’ll be picking up the slack. let’s head os ver to the kitchen. pat. >> kate turner joining us fromngfr dewolf tavern, one of our favoritevo places, mine p specifically, because i live in i bristol and can taked a walk there. what havewh you got brewing? ?>> >> we’re going to t make spicey tuna nime chowna served with an edame salad. >> ben was trying to describe de bewhat this s. he s haid i know wall about it and then he said i s think it’s this, i think it’s that. you know what it’s all about. >> it’s featured freshfr vegetables, carrots, bean sprouts, cucumbers, fresh herb, avocado, rice noodles and then we’re going to sear freshsh tuna,un that’s marinading right n ow, so all the fresh ingredients go together inn a paper wrapper. nice and fresh,sh simple this time of year. these are theth sauces. we havewee the sriracha-thai, whisrchi,ch is a hot sauce, garlicc and



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