Spicy, Sexy Penne Pasta

Just the name lets you know this recipe is for Valentines! And for that reason, this recipe is just for two!
. >> sexy, spicey, penne pasta. >> valentines. >> is that awesome. >> this is such an easy dish, i want everyone to be able to do that at home and blow the minds of those they are preparing for. >> does your wife like this dish. >> she does. >> of course she does, because you are the one making it for her. >> the setting. did you like that. a guy did that. the chef did the setting. how romantic is that. >> executive chef with costa vcostavita did this display. >> strawberries in the champaign glass. >> and shoc chocolate around the plate. this is one of the most sexy, roman particulars things you romantic things you will do in your life. >> all i need is a valentines. let’s get cooking. >> little onion, little garlic, putting some sausage. you can bias lean as you want. this is like a kiobasa. the oils will come out. this is actually really, really good pasta for you. fire up some chicke



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