Spicy Pork Chop

carmella’s bistro shares spicy pork chop recipe.
appleton, wisconsin. we’re going to do a pork chop dish we cal spicy sicilian pork chop because it’s got hot cherry peppers in it, and it’s got tomato sauce, so it’s more of a southern italian dish. we’ve had it here for a little bit. we use a center cut pork chop which we salt and pepper. we have some olive oil in a saute pan. and e’re just going to get it going, and sear it on both sides. now that you sear the pork chop, we’re going to add some hot cherry peppers. some sauteed onions. we use both red and white onions in our saute. and we’re just going to cook it a little bit. and we’re going to degla the pan with a little white wine. then while that’s cooking, we’re just going to take a little bit of our house-made marinara sauce. we’re just going to put our house marinara sauce in there, which you can buy here at our location here, we’re bottling it now, or buy it at mannerfield’s, ha



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