Spicy Green Beans In The Good Day Cafe

Heather Quintana with Healthy Happy Cooks shows us how to make Spicy Green beans, including one ingredient you may not have heard of.
>> that’s the look at morning sports. for “good day, virginia”. i’m garrett terner. >> anchor: and heather the happy healthy cook that smells amation. what did we make? >> it’s asian?inspired green beans and took cessy me oil and took our green boons and just seared them in the pan with sesame oil and add a little water and a bunch of garlicks and 4 cloves of garlic and it is an asian chili paste>> reporter: where can you get that? sf, any grocery store and what else? and that soy sauce and that is all that goes in there. cook it in total for maybe 4 minutes. it’s pretty spicy and you can put less spice or less ginger if you like. and then our carrots were roasted in the oven and then it is going to cut down on the cutting and cut them in half if you like and roast them a little longer and don’t even cut them, but put ailgt oil and a little honey and salt and pepper and roast them and if



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