Spicy Green Beans From Happy Healthy Cooks, Part 1

Sizzling spicy green beans taste amazing! Heather Quintana has a secret ingredient in this recipe that adds some kick to your vegetables.
>> it’s not fajitas in there. it’s green beans! healther cantana with the happy healthy cooks. >> thanks for having us back! the veggies taste amazing! >> and then it is going to be all by themselves? >> and doept want to hear me say that but i’ll make it so anyone, each the veggies and so we started out by just warming up that sesame oil and putting the green beans in there for one minute until they’re nice and bright green. add a little water and when the water is all gone, and that’s the stage we’re at now, and it is like 2 table spoons of water. >> garlic! this is going to clear you up! no longer going to complain about that. >> i have one that is all free and clear now. >> this is my mission. >> and the garlic in there and we’re going to add sombolulic and it is super spice we2 teaspoons of that. >> is that like a different version of hot muzzard? >> mustard is mustard. >> but it’s



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