Spicy Elk Burger

Spicy Elk Burger
found. a spicey elk burger. want to do something different on your grill? might want to think about that. the folks at title town in green bay are going to show us how they do theirs. >> i’m going to show you how we make our spicey elk burger. we’re going to start with 2 pounds of ground elk meat. we’re going to add some minced onion. the smaller, the better. if the onions are too big, they won’t hold together nicely. going to add some garlic, some ketchup, salt, and the secret ingredient is our chipotle. i’m sure many know that it’s simply amoked jalapeno, and it’s been huge in an adobo sauce. we’re going to chop it up finely. the other important thing to remember when you’re doing a meatloaf, you nt to gently mix in the ingredients. you don’t want to overmix the meat at all. you want to squeeze and fold mere. incorporate all these ingredient. all right. one more quick toss here. depend



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