Spiced Scallops W/ Grilled Watermelon

We’re cooking Spiced Nori Encrusted Scallops with Grilled Watermelon and Bamboo Rice with Aspire Restaurant.
exciting happenings. but for now, we’ll head into the kitchen with patrick. at what’s going on inwh the ore. >> we’re with robwibie frombi the a bar at aspire restaurant, andur he has so much energy this morning. you know, it’s like i’ve rested up all morning just to hang out with you for 90 seconds inor the kitchen. tc what have you got thatisgo morning? we’re going to grill watermelon. >>>> we’re going w to grilled watermelon, we’re going tong do spiced nori rub, fresh redsh pepper, salt, and nori, you eat t on your sushi, so you throw that into the spice mill and end up with this seasoning, we’re going to encrust the scallops with that, large and sweet, ssoning on top of the watermelon, grill the water member son,te grill thee scallions, nice summer salad here. >> what were your saying earlier when we came into hang out with you before the show started, you eat this stuff like popcorn



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