Spiced Pumpkin And Cheddar Soup

We’re cooking Spiced Pumpkin and Cheddar Soup in the kitchen with Newport Restaurant Group.
kitchen, we have a pumpkin theme happening today, huh, vince? >> of course we have our a pumpkin theme happening today. we’re here with mike castle canetta from the newport restaurapont group. ouwe see a little pumpkin here, i’m not the brightest guy in the world, but i think it has something to do witho pumpkins. >> we’re going to do aa nice pumpkin fall soup. our main ingredient, we ha ivedi fresh pumpkins right from the farm in rhode iseland, we’re regoing to scoop themg out, hesave the seeds, if you want to throw a little garnish on top. as for the rest of our ingredients, we hainve bveutter. >> got to have butter.bu >> butter is good withwi everything. some white wine, aged cheddar cheese, some diced white onion, white poetato and a garlic and the a main ingredient for the pumpkin are all these spiceths. s >> tell me ab out the spices. >> we have dried sage,e cinnamon, nut meg, chil



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