Spice Up Your Burgers

Spice up your burgers
it is nice to spice things up a little bit with a new twist on a summertime classic. we are here in the family circle test kitchen with senior food editor julie mittonber ger. >> we want to find a way to add flavor and trim down some of the calories and fat. this is a way for us to stretch the vue of our meat as well. >> you might think it was by the title, a veggie burger, but there is meat inside. >> there is meat. >> where do we begin? >> first we start with spices. when you use the traditional spanish or mexican-flavorfled spices, they get sharp if you eat them without cooking them ahead of time. >> all right. >> a tablespoon of chile p powder. ground cumin, and we take it over and toast it over medium to medium high flames for about one minute until you start the fragrance. >> what’s next? >> we’re going to add these spices to a large bowl. >> great. >> and then you can go and start



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