Special Report – London’s Food Delights

Capital Cuisine – London Restaurant Festival Wraps Up (InBusiness)
the london restaurant festival has just finished. awards are being dished out for the best places to eat out in the capital. among the winners are upscale italian venue and a mexican restaurant. this follows a week-long gastronomic festival led by some of the world’s top chefs. our food critic got a taste of the action. > london is one of the culinary capitals of the world. the this festival celebrates london as a gourmet destination. london was transformed. people were delighted with exquisite meals by world-class chefs like gordon ramsey. the petits 20,000 pounds, some of them, for the privilege. >> it’s a fantastic launched london restaurants in paris on excited to do it. cooking for a table stand in my kitchen. i have never quite got in there and spinning around at the same time. but the festival was a citywide celebration eating out. organizers persuaded a french chef to come out of



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