Special Report – Executive Compensation Rebounds

Wall Streeters Back to Their Old Ways, Luxury Businesses Flourish in Reaction (Bloomberg News)
despite problems in the wider economy, some bankers could be on line for record bonuses. compensation makes a rebound. how might this and those of cash affect businesses that feed off wall street. >> the rest of us may be getting back to basics and shopping at the dollar stores, that is not so much for the big guys. some local businesses are already seeing the effects. the numbers are in. wall street firms are setting aside closed at $20 billion for bonuses and compensation benefits. goldmansachs is experiencing is spectacular rebound post a government bailout. the average 2009 salary per employee would be a whopping $773,000. that is up from $662,000 in 2007, a banner year. if this trend continues, what will this mean for the businesses that feed off wall street? while some car companies, headhunting firms, and others said that business is stabilizing, restaurants and catering services



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