Spaghetti Squash

Desiree prepares a vegetarian meal
>> in the kitchen with style is sponsored by chef’s kitchen. >> all right, so listen, you are hungry and you want a meals that has substance. but your vegetarian friend invites you over, you are sighing. >> you don’t need t sigh, there are wondeul meals you can make as a vegetarian. today we are putting a spin on spaghetti, we are making a tasty squash meal. and here to join us is chef extraordinaire. >> we are making spaghetti squash and this is one thing i learned to make at the beginning of my marriage. >> joe taught you,? >> yes, and what we are going to do is walk through the ingredients. we’ll put them on the screen for you at home. have two spaghetti squashes, one ounce of olive oil and six pieces of slice, fresh, garlic, 10 plum tomatoes and a bunch of parsley and basil as wel. crushed pepper and fresh parmesan cheese and fresh mozzarella. because this is tv, i was concerned abou



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