Spaghetti Of Maine Lobster

Chef Kevin Flanagan of Racebrook Country Club shows Sara and Sonia how to make fresh spaghetti tossed with Maine lobster.
it’s a high end recipe that is going to wow your guests, spaghetti of mai lobster. >> it looks fancy. chef kevin flanigan coks at country club in orange, and he is here today, sharing his talent with us. thank you for being here. this is a recipe you came up with on your own. >> i wanted to incorporate lobster in a pasta with a light, vibrant dish, fresh ingredients, real simple to make and that is how to was born. >> what do you have heating up, oil and garlic? >> first, olive oil, 100%, heating up some of that. throw in some shallots. >> couldyou think spaghetti with lobster, you think difficult. >> yeah, but it is really simple. it cld be difficult but it is simple if do you it the right way. >> it is so colorful and the way the rest see put together, it is more like a summertime dish but you serve it all year. >> this is a club favorite so we serve it all year long. >> that is nice f



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