Souvlaki With Cucumber Sauce

Recipe from Festival Foods
good morning. a trip to the mediterranean, greece, spain, italy, just not in the cards this summer? why not you have the trip come to you. today’s show is all about creating that mediterranean feel in your home, with your food. we’re going to have a ton of fun. we have fabulous mediterranean inspired recipes. i was lucky enough to take a trick to europe years ago — trip to europe, our high school senior class trip. i have never been back since. until we get to go back when the kids are in college, i try and bring a little feel every once in a while to me. it’s fun to have a bunch of people over and have a themed dinner party. we’ve got the recipes today. we’re going to make wonderful marinated olives and take them to another level. we have a wonderful spanish inspired pasta dish. we’re going out to a great greek restaurant, and starting the show with one of my things to make, especially



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